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Preparing for your success,
we provide truly prominent Software.

Hospital Software
With the help of hospital software, you can easily keep complete information about your hospital such as stock of medicines, patient reports, salary of employees etc.

Billing Software
Billing software as the name suggests. This software is designed according to the need of the shopkeepers, small traders. Through the billing software, you will get the facility to generate a fixed bill, so that you can easily add all the taxes with the bill.
Diagnostic Centre Software
Diagnostic center software also works like clinic software in which a diagnostic doctor can keep records of all his patients along with test and report details through diagnostic center software.

How we works

How it helps your
business succeed

04 Steps

01. Discussion
We meet customers in set place to discuss the details about needs and demands before proposing a plan.
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02. Concepts & Initatives
Our experts come up with all kinds of ideas and initiatives for delivering the best solutions for IT services chosen.
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03. Testing & Trying
After agreeing on the ideas and plans, we will conduct as scheduled and give comments on the results & adaptations.
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04. Execute & install
Once the final plan is approved, everything will be conducted according to the agreed contract.
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About Shishpa Infoway

Software is a set of programs that instruct a computer what to do and how to do it. Software is a basic requirement of a computer. The body is equally necessary for the soul. Software is equally important for a computer. A computer without software is just a dead box of hardware. The software cannot be seen with the naked eye. Starnext is the best software company in Sirsa. Our company has a team of experts who are fully trained in their work. Starnext manufactures all types of software including Simple Billing Software, GST Billing Software, Jewelery Billing Software, Stock Management Software, Product Management Software, Dairy Management Software, Hospital Management Software, Clinic Software, Diagnostic Lab Software, Gym Software, Bakery Software, Testing Lab software, building materials software and custom software are included.


1. Accurate assessment of work done With the advent of software like workflow management, the work done today is being evaluated properly, due to which the cost of the work is being reduced, and the right employee is also getting his due, this is a main feature of the software.
2. Simple process Earlier, for the work of the account, we had to create a ledger, in which there was a lot of time and there was a fear of mistake, nowadays due to the software of accounts, we are able to do all this work very easily.
3. Increase in production As you know, machines are of no use without software, there has been an increase in the production of all sectors in agriculture fields or vehicle manufacturing sector or medicine sector by using software enabled machines, the reason for all this is software.

We run all kinds of IT services that vow your success